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AgeTech West advances the delivery of tech-enabled aging and home care services on the West Coast to reach a new standard of person-centered care. Technologies such as care coordination and point-of-care technologies, electronic health records, activity/health vitals monitoring, medication management, emergency response, cognitive fitness and "theraputainment" can enable greater independence and wellness, higher quality of care & service, successful management of chronic disease, early detection of illness, and prevention of hospitalizations while enhancing caregiving and cost efficiency.

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Click on Provider Resources to read the "Link-age Connect & AgeTech West Senior Social Media Survey Report."


AgeTech West is heading to Seattle for the 2014 AgeTech West
Technology Conference & Expo. Click here to learn more!

If You Missed the April 8 Webinar...Boost Census and Streamline Placements through Web-based Technology

This free webinar, "Boost Census and Streamline Placements through Web-Based Technology," discussed how an innovative web-based platform can help Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living communities maintain higher census by getting on the short-list of health system discharge planners for pre-screened placements and increasing visibility to families seeking quality care for their loved ones, while speeding up necessary discharges to other levels of care. Click here to download the presentation!

2013 AgeTech West Conference - AgeTech Gets Wired in Silicon Valley

The 2013 AgeTech West Conference & Technology Expo was held November 14-15, 2013 at the San Jose Marriott, San Jose, CA. This year's day and-a-half event brought together people from different worlds towards the same goal of improving quality of life and care for older adults. Visit our Facebook page to view photos and click here to read more about the event!

Pitch-for-Pilot Partner Pairings Announced!

The first-ever live "Pitch-for Pilots" (P4P) was a huge success as evidenced by many positive reviews and the 44 "applications" submitted by aging service organizations in attendance stepping up to be a pilot partner with one of the 10 aging tech start-ups. Click here to read more and learn more about the Pitch-for-Pilot companies. And click here to watch the 10 Pitches!








AgeTech West is a collaborative founded by LeadingAge California, LeadingAge Oregon, and LeadingAge Washington advancing the delivery of tech-enabled aging services toward a new standard of care.



AgeTech is pleased to welcome be.group as a Premier Provider Partner, and Cynthia Salgado, be.group's
Senior Director of Information Technology to the AgeTech Advisory Council!

2014 AgeTech West Conference & Technology Expo: CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS

Save the Date! 2014 AgeTech West Conference & Technology Expo, November 17-18, Seattle, WA. More details coming soon!

Pitch for Pilots Pairings Announced and Pitch Video Released


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